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What country’s cuisine does this website celebrate? 


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  1. Greetings Ms Hi Soo,
    Briefly, I had the wonderful good fortune of being stationed in the army in your beautiful country, “The Land of the Morning Calm” in 1970-71. In addition to hiking and climbing the mountains around Seoul, I fell in love with the gracious and generous culture and Korean cuisine — from little bites in mokoli bars to Sinsulo dinners with friends. Until getting my copy of “Korean Kitchen,” I was married to Judy Hyun’s “The Korean Cookbook” which I brought home with me from Seoul. I want to personally thank you for your wonderful addition to the understanding of Korean culture and cuisine. They are both my favorites.
    Most Sincerely,
    Walt Bolton

    • Thank you for your nice comments about “Growing Up In A Korean Kitchen.” And, sorry for replying to you so late. If you have any questions about Korean food I will be happy to respond. Best wishes, Hi Soo Shin Hepinstall

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